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An accident can happen in a fraction of a second. Personal injuries can happen in several ways, but they nearly always have the same outcome. An accident or occurrence that might have been avoided disrupts and perhaps jeopardizes your life physically, mentally, and financially. Our expert Texas personal injury attorneys at Joe Lopez Law can assist you if you have been injured in a personal injury accident in Austin or throughout Texas.

Personal Injury Lawsuit In Texas

Everyone in Texas is required by law to look out for the protection of others. You have a valid personal injury claim if there is a breach of safety.

Please schedule a consultation with one of our expert lawyers before filing a personal injury case. At this initial meeting, we will learn more about your injury and the facts surrounding it. We will also provide you with advice on how to proceed with your case and an estimate of the sorts of damages you may be entitled to.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle In Texas

Among the many cases we handle include but are not limited to:

Car Accidents

On the road, drivers have a “duty of care.” You are entitled to compensation if they breach this duty by operating their car in a dangerous and/or negligent manner, resulting in your injuries.

Trucking Accidents

It might be the fault of the driver, the maker, the truck owner, those who loaded the vehicle, and others when a big rig/semi-truck hits and injures someone. We discover the truth.

Pedestrian Accidents

It is not necessary to be in a vehicle to be struck by one. When someone breaks the laws of the road and hits you with their car, you are entitled to compensation.

Construction Hazards

If you were hurt on a construction site as a result of another firm’s irresponsible behavior, you can file a personal injury claim against that company for your injuries.

Products with Defects

Manufacturers are legally responsible for ensuring that their products are safe. Design, material, and manufacturing flaws can result in catastrophic injuries and accidents. If you were injured as a result of a dangerous or faulty product, our Texas personal injury attorney may be able to assist you in seeking compensation.

Bicycle Accidents

There’s a reason bike lane is protected. Bicyclists have significantly less protection than motorists, therefore you may have a case if you are hit and wounded while riding.

Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorbike collides with another vehicle, the biker is almost always not at fault. We’ve represented motorcycle accident victims, helping them achieve the compensation they deserve.

Dog Bites

Even a little dog bite can cause long-term injury, illness, and even death.

Wrongful Death

No amount of money will compensate for the death of a loved one. We can aggressively advocate your case, ensuring that you obtain compensation for everything you’ve gone through.

Recoverable Damages In Texas

According to Texas law, you may be entitled to the following damages depending on the circumstances of your injury:

  • Economic damages – Economic damages recompense you for the financial losses you sustained because of your accident. Medical and hospital bills, missed payments, and property damage is among them.
  • Non-economic damages – non-economic damages cover things like pain and suffering, mental agony, scarring, and disfigurement.
  • Exemplary damages – Exemplary damages are intended to penalize the at-fault party for especially reckless or irresponsible behavior. Punitive damages are another name for them.

The process of obtaining evidence begins once we agree to collaborate. Our skilled attorneys and detectives will work tirelessly behind the scenes to identify who or what caused your accident and who can be held liable for the damages you have suffered. They’re going to:

  • Take your statement, as well as any statements from witnesses to the accident.
  • Obtain any medical documents as well as any police or incident reports.
  • Consult with professionals to establish the source of your injury and your recovery prospects.
  • This proof will be critical in our efforts to obtain compensation for you. All lawsuit and settlement talks will be based on it.

In Texas, compensatory damages are sometimes limited. Your compensation is limited whether you have a medical malpractice claim or a negligence lawsuit against a government organization. A personal injury lawyer in Texas can help you figure out if your claim has a compensatory damage cap.

Personal Injury Claims In Texas State Laws

In Texas, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of the injury. After the time limit has expired, the civil court system would most likely refuse to consider your case, and you will be unable to seek compensation.

Why Should You Hire A Texas Personal Injury Attorney?

Many individuals feel they can deal with insurance providers without the aid of an attorney; although this is true, those who hire a personal injury attorney receive up to three times more money than those who settle their claims on their own. Companies in the insurance industry exist to make money. These businesses typically want to settle claims for as little money as possible.

To conserve money, insurance companies pay limited benefits. As a result, you can end up with less money than you deserve. Small settlements might leave you with insufficient funds to care for your injuries.

A personal injury attorney at our law office will ensure that the insurance firm’s settlement offer is fair and reasonable and that it covers the majority, if not all, of your damage costs. Your attorney can launch a lawsuit on your behalf if you and your attorney feel that the amount offered by the insurance provider is insufficient.

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We can assist you in determining your choices, obtaining compensation for your injuries, and guiding you through the legal course of getting compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering resulting from your accident injuries. Contact us today.