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Austin bicycle accident attorneysAustin is a city in Texas that is known for its active culture. Bicyclists abound throughout the city and trails exist everywhere for bicyclists and hikers alike. Therefore, it is strange that there is such a high number of bicycle accidents which involve bicycles and cars or other motor vehicles. While Austin is on the right track toward bicycle integration, drivers still have a long way to go in looking out for bicyclists and pedestrians alike, as well as learning how to share the road with bicyclists. Having an attorney skilled in different types of accidents, such as an Austin pedestrian accident lawyer, is crucial during these types of integrations. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries by the person responsible for your injuries. Contact Austin bicycle accident attorney Joe Lopez today.

Bicycle Accidents in Austin

Despite the many steps that the city has taken toward ensuring bicyclist safety, each month there is another major news story involving the death or serious injury to a bicyclist in the Austin area. Most recently it was a story about a bicyclist killed on his way to work due to no outside factors except that there were no bicycle lanes in the area he was hit. This case was especially upsetting because the bicyclist was actively involved in advocating for change along the frontage roads, writing to the Texas Department of Transportation that the lack of bicycle lanes on frontage roads was “extremely dangerous.”

Car drivers are not always on the lookout for bicyclists, especially at night. If they are subject to another distraction, such as weather conditions, texting, or inebriation, they are less likely to see a bicyclist even if the bicyclist is wearing all the appropriate gear, such as lights and reflective clothing. A bicyclist has little to protect them from the crushing weight of a motor vehicle except for the helmet. A helmet can only withstand so much pressure if a car comes barreling at the bicyclist, and the rest of their body is not protected. This can result in catastrophic injuries for the cyclist, our Austin Bike Accident Lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve after suffering a traumatic cycling accident. For such an active city, Austin has yet to fully acclimate to the rising bicyclist trend and as a result, more bicyclists are injured each year due to driver distraction and lack of proper bike lanes.

Drivers may be liable to you if you are injured in a bicycle accident. You have the right of way as a bicyclist and any injuries you receive from a bicycle accident are often the fault of the driver and can lead to severe and extensive injuries. You will most likely not be able to walk away from a bicycle accident, but often require extended hospital stays. Those who bike to work are doing so to remain active and to rely less on their cars. Car drivers should respect this choice and be on the lookout for car drivers, instead of retaining a distracted environment while driving.

Austin Bicycle Accident Attorney

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, do not hesitate to contact our Austin bike accident attorney today. Joe Lopez has years of experience in providing assistance to victims of bicycle accidents. A bicyclist himself, he understands the difficulty that comes with attempting to share the road with cars, as well as the inherent dangers on every major road. Contact our Austin office today for your initial free consultation.