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Austin Burn Accident AttorneyBurn accidents have become far too common, especially among children. Each year, more than 300 children die from fire or burn injuries and nearly 100,000 are treated for burns in a hospital. These are astonishing numbers and do not take into account the thousands of adults who are treated for burns each year. If you or a loved one have been injured in a burn accident, contact Austin burn accident lawyer Joe Lopez as you may be entitled to compensation from the person responsible for your injuries.

Burn Accidents in Austin, Texas

The American Burn Association reports that there are over 1 million injuries each year caused by burns. While not all of these injuries require hospitalization, many can result in severe injuries and even death. Burns can occur in a number of circumstances on daily basis. While winter months are more common for severe fires and other types of fireplace or heater-related injuries, fires can occur during any month. Burns can be the result of:

Burn injuries are also categorized according to their severity, and many lead to severe disfigurement and nerve damage. First degree burns are the least severe type of burn, which usually dissipate after a few days. Only the outer layer of skin is affected and the burn itself appears like a sunburn without blisters.

Second degree burns which only are classified as “partial thickness” involve the entire epidermis and the injury will look pink or red, as well as wet. The burn can take up to 21 days to heal with minimal scarring. However, a full thickness second degree burn destroys the entire epidermis and you will most likely need skin grafting.

In third degree burns all layers of the skin are destroyed. The burned areas will look black or white and will be dry or leathery in texture.

Fourth degree burns are the most severe and extend from the skin layers into the muscle and bone.

Burn injuries from second degree on require extensive medical care, which quickly begins to add up. Burn injuries will often keep you from work and often leave you with lasting scars. The responsible party may be required to pay your medical bills, lost wages, future earnings, and pain and suffering. An Austin Burn Accident Lawyer can help maximize your recovery and get you the compensation you need.

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Burns are some of the most painful and long-lasting injuries you can experience. Attorney Joe Lopez understands injuries from burn accidents can affect your ability to hold a job, and can have much more severe emotional side effects in addition to the physical pain. If you or a loved one have been injured in a burn accident, do not hesitate to contact Austin Personal Injury Attorney Joe Lopez. He will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact our Austin office today for your initial free consultation.